Our Business

Yousef Ahmed Al-Gosaibi Company

YAG Yousef Ahmed Al-Gosaibi & Partners Ltd . ( YAG ) is an organization that has become known as a facilitator of industrial and commercial development within the Kingdom .

ActivitiesThe Company established itself as a leading trading and contracting force in the Kingdom, providing services to key clients in the industrial and commercial sectors in the country and taking part in its economic revolution. The company began a legacy of work ethic based on enthusiasm, sheer innovation, and the full employment of its workforce’s skills.

Throughout the years Yousef Ahmed Al-Gosaibi & Partners Ltd . ( YAG ) has managed to keep pace with the rapid change and take advantage of the market potential. From the company's beginnings as a supplier of agricultural equipment and supplies, and retail store wares, the company is now a conglomerate organization comprising over 2 different divisions . Through the business activities of these organizations the company today provides the following:

  • Food Division.
  • Health Care and Medical Division.